Countdown: Three Weeks

In just three weeks I’ll be packing up my trusty 70-litre backpack and hitting the road!  Well, technically I’ll be hitting the road and then three different airplanes to reach my first destination- Corfu, Greece.  I expect to be busy with work during that time, so I’m fitting in some preparing, and packing, where I can.  What kinds of things do I do three weeks before a holiday?

  • Arrange for someone to look after my apartment.  This time I’ve asked a trusty neighborhood teenager.
  • Clean all the things.  I can’t have the children in the ‘hood gossiping about my slovenly ways, can I?
  • Open a second bank account.  I always travel with a credit card from which I can take a cash advance, as well as my regular ATM card, but after some tense moments at Moldovan ATMs on my last holiday, I decided to open a second account with another bank.  And I left it to the last minute.
  • Make a half-hearted attempt to think of things to do while abroad.  For me, this has involved reading Chowhound, rifling through the Lonely Planet Eastern Europe and watching episodes of Michael Palin’s New Europe.  I particularly enjoyed watching elderly Palin strip down to take in some hirudotherapy in Estonia.  When he asks how much blood the leeches suck out, the woman replies, “One… glass… vodka.  Two hundred… maybe three hundred… milliliters.”  Sounds like I’m going to like Estonia!


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