Don’t Leave Home Without It: SPF Lip Balm

When I’m traveling, my favorite thing to do is wander around aimlessly.  I can spend day after day wandering around the same town, looking in apartment blocks, walking through the park, looking for a potentially scenic viewpoint and finding my way up… pretty much just walking everywhere.  Unless you’re in Lapland in December, spending that much time outside could potentially lead to sun damage (in Lapland, replace “sun damage” with “frostbite”).  And while every good traveler remembers to bring sunscreen, it’s easy to forget about delicate skin on your lips.  Which is why I’m here to remind you to pack lip balm with sun protection!

My recommendation for lip protection is Polysporin’s Daily Lip Protectant with SPF 30.  You can buy it at any pharmacy for about three or four dollars.  As you can see it has SPF 30.  There have been times when I’ve used SPF 45 or 60 on my body, and this lip balm on my lips, and while my body has sometimes still burned, my lips remain baby soft.  The formula feels great and it doesn’t add any color at all- buy an extra for your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, former high school drama teacher, pastor, whoever you happen to be going on holidays with.  It holds up well to the heat and didn’t ever get melty in my purse, even when temperatures hit 42 on a hot Turkish summer day.

Of course, it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t complain, and I think it’s worth nothing that Polysporin could probably save a couple jaguars in the Amazon by reducing the packaging on this balm.  The box is almost twice as long as the tube, which might mislead consumers into thinking they’re getting more lip balm than they actually are, and it’s just not eco-friendly to pack a little tube of balm inside a huge, long box with an additional cardboard protrusion.


3 responses to “Don’t Leave Home Without It: SPF Lip Balm

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  3. I have a lip balm addiction. Tubes, sticks and pots everywhere! Gotta try this one!

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