Hosteling 101: The Guy Who Ate My Yogurt

Look, I eat a lot of yogurt.  It allows me to live my happy vegetarian life, pleine de salade, with only minimal intestinal distress.  If you’re not already eating copious amounts of yogurt, the weeks before your trip are a great time to start.  Get in as much good bacteria as you can!  Once you’re on the road yogurt is also an awesome snack to grab in the evening and stick in the hostel fridge if you’re going to be leaving on an early bus.  I met some German tourists who taught me that in most of the world you can even buy it the night before, store it in a cool, dark place (if the hostel doesn’t have a fridge) and it will be fine the next day.  Believe me, I had my doubts, but I put my faith in their cargo pants and fleece jackets and they didn’t let me down.  In return, I taught them that you don’t need to pack a spoon- just dip in a banana!  Fruit and yogurt, breakfast of champions!

Which brings me to an important lesson in hostel etiquette.  Don’t steal my goddamned yogurt.  In a totally unscientific poll of just myself, yogurt was found to be the most commonly stolen snack from hostel fridges.  Look, it’s a dairy product.  It comes with an expiry date.  If you’re looking for food to steal from the hostel fridge, you’re a loser.  If you concede that you are a loser and still want to steal someone else’s yogurt, check the expiry date.  If the yogurt has expired, chances are good the owner forgot about it and is now seven countries away.  Help yourself to that expired yogurt.  If the yogurt hasn’t expired, assume the owner is still in the hostel and has plans to enjoy their yogurt in the near future.  Was the yogurt there yesterday?  Two days ago?  Three days ago?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s not yours.  Walk down to the nearest corner store or supermarket and get your own yogurt.  Your hostel karma will thank me later.


2 responses to “Hosteling 101: The Guy Who Ate My Yogurt

  1. I like that. Look at the expiry date on the yogurt.

    If it’s been there for over a year…. the fridge doesn’t get cleaned often.

  2. Journey Je t'aime

    Ha! Love this– I live on yogurt when I backpack….  And at home– I don’t get why it’s always snatched (not just hostels…. I’ve even experienced this @ the office)… I never considered sticking it in a cool- non refrigerated spot over night…  Excellent idea.  

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