Countdown: Two Weeks

With two weeks until I depart for eight weeks abroad, what am doing to prepare?  Very little, to be honest.

  • I’m still cleaning.  I want to come home after my holidays to a home that is unrecognizably clean.
  • Using up food.  I’m planning all of my meals and menus around the perishable food items I have around the house.  I’m also keeping an eye on grocery store flyers to see what frozen foods they’ve got on sale.  I like to have one or two days of meals in the freezer when I return.  I could just freeze extra portions of meals I’m making anyways, but I like to reward myself with frozen pizza each time I return home alive.
  • Thinking about laundry.  We haven’t really had summer weather here yet, so I haven’t worn many of the summer outfits I’ll be bringing with me.  So, I’m pulling out all the clothes I might want to bring, washing them to freshen them up, and checking to see if anything needs mending.
  • Cleaning my backpack.  I’ve heard it’s not good to submerge internal frame backpacks, so I carefully sponge-bathed my beloved backpack inside and out.  Good practice for when I marry an ailing millionaire octogenarian.
  • Sorting out  money.  Last week I opened a second bank account, and now I’m setting up the online banking, linking the two accounts in case I need to transfer money around, and calling all my banks so they know to expect transactions from foreign countries.
  • Reassuring my parents.  I’ve emailed them a copy of my flights, copies of my passport, copies of my ATM and credit cards, and a copy of my health insurance policy.  They would really prefer an hour-by-hour itinerary but since I haven’t actually booked a single thing beyond my incoming and outgoing flights, that won’t be possible!
  • Feigning interest in other people’s holiday plans.  Oh, you’re going to your cabin at the lake?  How nice.  Las Vegas?  What a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  Disneyland?  Oh, you dare-devil, you!

One response to “Countdown: Two Weeks

  1. I am with you on so much of this! Cleaning, using up old food, sorting finances, feigning interest in other people’s holiday plans…snap!

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