Signs You’re Going to Have An Awesome Holiday

  • You go through your collection of Conde Nast Traveler magazines and can’t find any articles about any of the places you’re going.
  • When you look on popular online forums like Lonely Planet Thorntree and Virtualtourist, most of the questions ask, “Is it safe there?”
  • Not only are there no hotels listed in the cities and towns on Tripadvisor, the cities and towns themselves aren’t in the site’s database.
  • A major bookstore had to special order the guidebook for you, and while the clerk was processing the payment he asked, “Where’s that?”
  • When your friends and family where you’re going, and you tell them, they just nod and shake their heads.  Because they’ve never heard of it either.
  • And let’s be honest, until a few weeks before your trip, you probably didn’t know some of your destinations existed either!

You mean you didn't learn about Gjirokastra in third-grade geography?


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