Since I leave in ten days I am getting my affairs in order.  This includes informing my credit card company, and the two banks I’m using, that I’ll be out of the country.  The credit card company and the first bank handled my request with no problems at all.  In fact, my credit card company informed me that they have a really well-priced annual travel insurance option.  It lasts for the whole year and it’s HALF of what I paid for my own trip insurance this time- for an eight-week trip!  How is it possible I’ve had  a card with them for twelve years and traveled all over the world, and they’ve never mentioned it?  I mean, I knew many credit cards offered insurance, but I thought it was only for fancy platinum cards or whatnot.  Lesson learned!

The second bank, however, was not quite as pleasant as the first.  The telephone agent hadn’t heard of most of the places I’ll be visiting, and I had to spell out FOURTEEN different country names for her.  Letter by letter.  “M-a-c-e-d-o-n-i-a.”  “L-i-t-h-u-a-n-i-a.”  “S-e-r-b-i-a.”   God forbid I should spontaneously decide to visit a different country!  My new goal in life is to go on an around the world trip that stops in every country, so I can phone back and spell out all 192 countries to that customer service representative!


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