Countdown: One Week

Apparently, as I write this, there are a mere 140.2 hours, or 5.81 days (oh, hell, or 8412 minutes, or 504698 seconds…) until my first of three connecting flights departs.  I depart my home city at 6:30 am on Saturday morning and arrive at my destination at 7:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.  With the time difference it’s about the same as landing at 10:30 am, only a full twenty-eight hours after I leave!  Yay!  I’d better get some damn good airplane food.  I actually think that my 6:30 am flight, which is a domestic flight to a major hub, only offers food for purchase.  Tim Hortons breakfast at the airport it is!

So, what does an intrepid traveler such as myself do in the week before her departure?

  • Avoid.  Yup, I’m avoiding packing.  I’m avoiding cleaning.  I’m avoiding doing laundry.  I’m avoiding reading guidebooks or forums.  I am, however, at Level 11 on Pocket Planes!
  • Let in the housekeeper.  I’m showing the person who is looking after my place how to get into the building, where to collect the mail and what to check inside the apartment (“Has it exploded?”  “No.”  “Then it’s fine.”).
  • Alert my neighbours to the presence of the teen housekeeper, so that they don’t call the cops.
  • Booking my first hostel.  I could just find one upon arrival, but this way I get free airport pick-up.
  • Making poor eating choices.  Also known as The Final Fridge Clean.  I’m not sure if scurvy counts as a pre-existing condition on my health insurance.  I hope not.
  • Re-washing my cheap beach towels, one last time.  Could the dye gods please smile upon me?  Although they’ve been washed twice, my new cheap beach towels are still losing color.  Panic!
  • Getting things together at work.  If I’m going to leave my desk unoccupied for two months, I need to remove all the dirty mugs and hide the fashion magazines!
  • Planning bizarre work outfits.  I’d rather not wear any of the clothes I’m planning to bring with me, which means I’m eschewing comfortable work wear for overly-formal, or overly-warm for the season, fashions.

Really, I’m doing absolutely nothing.  My Countdown: Two Days will probably be a lot more interesting.  That’s about when I realize This Is Real and I Need To Do Stuff.


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