More on Personal Care Products

Earlier I showed you what I keep in my first aid kit.  You can see how I store the kit- inside a clear plastic zip bag.  I stick this across the bottom of the main section of my backpack and it helps reinforce the division between the top section (which is mostly clothes) and the bottom section (where I keep shoes, towels, hair tools and toiletries).  You can see that I added my laundry supplies to my first aid kit; that’s where I tend to store them.

There are a few other “personal care” items that I organize at the same time as my first aid kit.  First, my sunscreen.  I’ve got a big bottle and a smaller bottle, though both are too big to take in my carry-on.  There’s also the aforementioned Polysporin lip balm, plus Maybelline’s Baby Lips.  These are absolutely addictive lip balms that come in clear or tinted formulas, and also have SPF while resisting heat well.  I’ve got some ear plugs there too (courtesy a particular noisy hostel!) and a Swiss Army SwissCard Lite.  This little tool is about the size of a fat credit card and includes twelve tiny tools like scissors, tweezers and a ballpoint pen.  The card is not safe for carry-on.


2 responses to “More on Personal Care Products

  1. It’s great to have a plan when you pack your bag with a ‘place’ to put certain things – much easier to find and much harder to lose things or leave them behind while traveling.

    Great advice – thanks for posting!

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