Countdown: 60 Hours

  • Test run for packing.  My goal is to have EVERYTHING fit, including the clothes I plan to wear on the plane.  Then, if the opportunity arises, I can backpack naked and not worry about whether I’ve got room in my bag.
  • Checking how many tampons I can pack.  TMI Alert!  I’m expecting a period within a week of arriving, so those tampons will shortly turn into extra room in my bag.
  • Calling the airlines to confirm both my flights and my onboard meals.  Best Air Travel Tip Alert!   Order a special meal.  Most airlines offer everything from low-fat to low-sodium to kosher to vegetarian meals.  Ordering something- anything– usually gets you a better meal, and you usually get it first.  Yup, a piping hot special delivery while the rest of the flight waits for their choice of chicken or pasta.  You can thank me later.  Make your initial order at the time you buy the tickets, then follow up when you confirm your flights by phone a few days before departure.
  • Panicking.  Of course.

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