Layover: YUL

I’m currently at the Montreal International Airport where the inside temperature is about forty degrees celcius and the humidity is about 90%.  Put a merry go round in the waiting area and get a flight attendant to dress up like Mickey Mouse and nobody would need to get on that Orlando flight.  The fact that I’m here means that I successfully boarded my first flight, online check in problems aside.  Three and a half hours, departing at 6:30 am, and no food!  One of my top five most hated words is “shenanigans” but there is no other word to describe what the airline is doing with that one.  Fortunately I just received an influx of gift cards and have been stopping at every airport Tim Hortons and Starbucks that I can find.  I’m currently downing Campari oranges in the airport lounge (good news: none of the pilots knew how to work the free alcohol dispensers!) and waiting for my next flight, which is overnight, before another full-day layover and then a one-hour flight.  At that point I’ll finally be at my first destination, leaving me with fifty-four days to cover 2,900 kilometers before I fly home.


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