Review: Live Clean Fresh Face Line

Recently, Live Clean products have been popping up in drug stores all across Canada.  These products are primarily plant-based, and are free from common “worrying” ingredients including petroleum, sulphates and parabens.  I have tried their hair care products in the past, and I recently won a gift bag featuring their complete new skincare line- Fresh Face by Live Clean.  I did not win the products through the company and they haven’t asked me to review them, I just thought it would be fun!  To give the line a fair try, I am going to use nothing but Fresh Face for an entire weekend- Friday night to Sunday night.  I’ll update as I go, and post the whole thing after the weekend is over.

Friday Night – Wash with foaming facial cleanser.  Good suds for a sulphate-free product.  It rinses off well and my skin feels clean after.  I follow with the refreshing facial toner, which helps me get the final few dead skin cells off (I’d submit my cotton pad as evidence but that’s gross).  Next, I go for the de-puffing roller eye treatment.  I don’t think it’s hygienic to roll it directly under my eyes (even though I know I just washed!), so I wash my hands, roll some onto my fingertips and pat it on.  Finally, I end with the nourishing night cream.  This is the first surprising product- when I unscrew the bottle it looks a little bit… runny.  I slather it on my face, though, and it absorbs quickly enough.

Saturday Morning – I wake up and check the mirror.  I do not look like Hilary Rhoda.  Yet.  In the shower I scrub my face with the smoothing facial scrub.  It has a pleasant, gummy texture that doesn’t dissolve too quickly on my damp skin, so I get a thorough exfoliation.  After scrubbing I read the bottle and see I was supposed to wash first.  Ooops.  Recommended for use three times a week.  After the shower I use the toner again, followed by the glowing daily serum and then the soothing daily moisturizer.  Again, I’m surprised by the look and feel of these products- the serum is bright white, and the moisturizer is quite runny.  However, they absorb well.  I look in the mirror thirty minutes later and would say that my skin looks good.  Hydrated but not oily.

Saturday Night – Wash with foaming cleanser again.  One pump is enough for my face.  Next, I apply the deep cleansing mud mask.  It takes more than I expected to layer a thick coat over my face and I’m not sure how long the bottle will last if used as directly (weekly or twice weekly for most users, or daily for very oily skin).  It takes almost half an hour to dry, and that’s with only a moderate coat.  I rinse it off with a face cloth and apply more of the refreshing facial toner.  My skin feels good at first, but within an hour it’s feeling a little dry.  Back to the bathroom to apply the eye treatment again, and then a very light application of the nourishing night cream.  Yeah, the texture is runny, but this moisturizes really well and it’s something I would add to my regular nightly beauty routine.

Sunday Morning – I still don’t look like Hilary Rhoda.  Is this stuff working?  I wash with the foaming cleanser in the shower and follow with toner.  My skin called and it wants some benzoyl peroxide.  And some parabens.  I wait an hour or so before applying the daily moisturizer.  I’m getting the sense this line would be best for skin that is dry, or very sensitive.  My combination skin looks and feels fine, but a bit… heavy.  The moisturizers, especially, feel like they’re sitting atop my skin.  Writing this, I realize I forgot the serum.  I’ll apply it tonight.

Sunday Night – I’m just so not interested in washing my face.  But I need to see this experiment through.  Before washing I look in the  mirror.  My skin looks a little bit greasy, though I’m not seeing any clogged pores or breakouts.  So I have another go with the foaming face wash followed by the toner.  I just can’t bring myself to layer on more moisturizer so I apply the serum that I should have this morning.  My skin still feels okay, but it’s looked and felt better.

Conclusion – I am going to put away my Live Clean Fresh Face products for the moment, and take them out again in the winter, when my skin needs more moisture.   Would I buy these products again?  It’s hard to say.   The contest said that the eight products in the line had a retail value of $200, or $25 each.  Either I’ve been deceived, or these products are quite expensive for drugstore skin care.  If I had $200 to sink into skin care I know I would be hitting a department store.  Of the eight products my favorite is the smoothing facial scrub, which really does give a good exfoliation.  My least favorite is the daily moisturizer, which left my skin a bit shiny and didn’t offer any sun protection.


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