I’m Convinced It Works!

My backpack has two distinct sections.  The top section is front-loading, while the bottom zips away along the top (kind of like opening a hamburger bun?).  I don’t want to lock my luggage when I travel because I always worry that a disgruntled-and-pervy TSA agent will rip the locks off in order to investigate what’s inside (and if he doesn’t rip them off to open the bag, he’ll probably rip them off in anger after seeing how un-sexy my travel panties are).  However, I also want to deter people from reaching their pesky paws inside my bags.  The solution?  Carabiners.  I pick them up at the dollar store (two for a dollar at my nearest store) and I use them to hold all four of the zippers together.  This way, nobody can get into the top or bottom sections of the bag without opening the carabiner, taking all four zippers out, and then unzipping the bag.  Not an easy task!


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