Holiday So Far

Well, I’ve been on the road since June 30th.  I’ll definitely share some photos when I find a better internet cafe, but here’s a quick update as to what’s been going on.

  • Topless cliff jumping from twelve-meter cliffs.
  • Night swimming with sea urchins.
  • Arriving at the border safely… and then realizing it’s the border of the wrong country.
  • Limiting myself, or trying to limit myself, to one soda, alcoholic beverage and ice cream (each, of course!) per day.
  • Providing bandages and sunscreen to other backpackers who packed too light!
  • Forgetting to wear deodorant and brush my hair about half the time.  (But my toenails still look awesome!)
  • Visiting about a million UNESCO World Heritage sites, castles, churches, historic homes and parks.
  • Taking about a million photos.

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