Tips for Hostel Owners, Part One

1.  Go into the hostel bathroom.  Close the door.  Look in the corner behind the door.  See that?  Clean it up!  Also, a garbage can in the bathroom is a must!  Feminine hygiene products, for the love of God!

2.  Go into the kitchen.  Take a plate out of the cupboard and lick it.  Gross?  Then provide better cleaning supplies!  Dish soap and fresh sponges, please!

3.  Have a fridge?  Throw out everything that doesn’t have a name on.  Now, please.

4.  If your staff enjoy having their boyfriends and girlfriends visit them while they are at work, consider asking them to pause their conversations to check people in and out.  You may think this is obvious.  Apparently they do not.

5.  Do something nice to stand out from the crowd.  I’m currently sitting in a hostel that has free snacks in the common area.  Other hostels have offered welcome shots of homemade liqueurs.  Put a hairdryer in the girls’ dorm.  All it takes is once extra-special gesture to help a guest overlook any other number of minor inconveniences!


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