Honey… I’m Home!

After fifty-eight days on the road and fourteen countries, I am finally back in my own apartment, typing this from my own computer!  I am super-excited to post great travel tips and stories about my two months abroad, so stay tuned!  Unfortunately on one of my three flights home I felt a pinch on my ankle, and over the past three days that pinch has gone from itching to burning to swelling to ummmm… oozing and I had to visit the ER tonight (on the recommendation of my doctor)!  I’ve been given an arsenal of bacteria-fighting antibiotics as well as sleep-inducing antihistamines, so when I wake from my slumber, germ-free, I will get posting!

(I have to admit that it’s pretty amazing to think that of all the stupid, dangerous, ridiculous, random things that happened on this holiday, an insect bite on the plane home would be the thing that resulted in a hospital visit!)


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