Post-Trip Finances

Well, the good news is that once again I came back with lots of my holiday budget still in my bank account (and yes, that is taking into account the pending credit card charges from my Final Destination shopping spree!).  The bad news is that I also came home with enough coins to cover my entire kitchen table!  As I passed through fourteen countries on this trip I was constantly changing currencies, and most exchanges did not accept coins.  Only three or four countries that I visited used the euro, as well, adding to my eclectic mix of currencies.  So, readers, I have a question for you…

What do you do with all the coins left over from a holiday?


One response to “Post-Trip Finances

  1. Funny you should post this as we just came up with a solution recently to the same problem! We collected for years and just today I put my plan in motion. We hate to leave you in suspense – but you might want to check out what we did in our post “Souvenirs of Change – no shopping required”.
    Thanks for the post!

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