Top Ten Places to Pee

Sometimes you’ve just gotta pee.  And ladies, sometimes you’ve just gotta change your tampon.  But when you’re on the road, it’s not always that easy.  Here are my Top Ten Places to Pee!   BYOTP.

  1. A shopping mall.  Malls don’t want their customers to leave, so they supply bathrooms in hopes you’ll pee and keep spending money.  Also look inside department stores.  As an added bonus you might even find a store where you can buy tampons, and most malls have climate control keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Why do we ever leave?
  2. A luxury hotel.  In a big, impersonal lobby there is bound to be a public bathroom.  If you’re worried they’ll turn you away make up a story about meeting your friend (or wealthy aunt) who is a guest.
  3. A hostel.  Act like you’re staying there!
  4. A train or bus station.  Usually not the cleanest, and often costs a few cents, but reliable.
  5. A museum or art gallery.  Hopefully the bathroom will be before the ticketed entrance.
  6. A cafe or coffee shop.  Pee then tea.
  7. A restaurant.  Get your friend to pretend to peruse the menu while you pee, then make a run for it!  (Or stay and eat if you’re hungry!)
  8. McDonalds.  I’m hard-pressed to file McDonalds under restaurants, but they are pretty reliable when it comes to toilet access.  I’ve visited a few where you need to have a code to enter… just wait for someone to leave and sneak through the open door.
  9. Public buildings, including university and libraries, will often have public bathrooms.
  10. A parking lot.  I may or may not have peed in an Albanian parking lot last summer.  There was no other option, and it was dark out.  For guys, this may not seem like a big deal.  For girls who like blogs with “lipgloss” in the title, this is pretty much Dante’s ninth circle of hell (Uryna, or something…).

If you know another Hot Toilet Tip, leave it in the comments for your fellow travelers… and their bladders.


2 responses to “Top Ten Places to Pee

  1. In some European countries there are often toilets on the suburban trains as well (I’m thinking particularly on the RER in Paris).

    My favourite spot for a quick comfort stop though is in department stores – free, easy to find and (usually) clean!

  2. any suggestions for toilet usage on the Inca Trail? I’ve heard there’s no toilets along the way, so it looks like a she-wee is an essential!

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