Souvenirs for Full Backpacks

When you travel with a blow-dryer, straightening iron, high heels, a round brush and eight pairs of shoes, you probably (fortunately) don’t have room in your bag for a miniature Eiffel Tower.  While memories and hickies are the best souvenirs, sometimes you want a little something extra to help you remember your trip.

My very favorite souvenir is old photos, which I find in markets around the world.  Who is that person in the furry hat?  Who is the man on the chair?  Why don’t we take such awesomely crazy portraits anymore?  Along with old photos look for antique postcards from the places you’ve visited along your trip.

I’ve also mentioned my love of plastic bags before.  Plastic bags are great souvenirs.  They fold flat and can be jammed in the tiniest corners of your backpack.  If you want to splurge, you can even buy a reusable shopping bag at the local grocery store.  You know that lady in line at Safeway who gives you the evil eye when the cashier needs to look up the code for your rhutabaga, fennel and jicama?  Bitch won’t know what hit her when you pull out your reusable Rimi Eesti bag and pack up that bulk buckwheat.  I keep my gym shoes in a bag from a clothing store in Turkey and my comfortable work shoes in a bag from a Romanian bookstore.

What souvenirs do you buy when you’re short on space?  Let me know in the comments!


One response to “Souvenirs for Full Backpacks

  1. Personally I love antique postcards and reproduction post cards of old tourist posters. They cost no more than a Euro each and take up no space in your bag. What’s not to love about that?

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