Mealtime Monday: Cheers!

I’d never liked beer.  Until, that is, I discovered radler.  Vaguely German for “cyclist”, this blend of half-lemonade, half-beer is perfect for girls, children and/or house pets on a hot summer afternoon.  Or a cold winter night.  Or a baptism.  Or a funeral.  Buy it bottled or make it yourself- it really is just half beer and half lemonade.  Hell, some people even use Sprite (um, for the lemonade half, not the beer half…).  Choose a light wheat ale for authenticity.  Choose pink lemonade just because.

This particular bottle of radler was consumed in the “model society” “workers’ paradise” of Nova Huta, Krakow. 


3 responses to “Mealtime Monday: Cheers!

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