Mealtime Monday: Vegetarian Pierogies With Pork


My Lonely Planet: Eastern Europe recommended a little restaurant in the touristic heart of Gdansk, Poland for its wide selection of cheap pierogies.  Although there were a number of vegetarian pierogies on the menu, I probably should have taken the many stuffed wild boars decorating the restaurant as a warning sign.  You see, I did receive a plate of vegetarian pierogies that were stuffed with potatoes, wild mushrooms and cabbage.  However, my vegetarian pierogies were served topped with crispy little pieces of pork.  Fortunately I’m not an ethical vegetarian and was happy to push the pork aside in order to dig into Poland’s signature dish.

Eaten (except for the pork!) at Pierogarnia U Dzika in Gdkansk, Poland across from two old ladies downing about twenty pierogies and a litre of milk- each!


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