Mealtime Monday: Stalking Anthony Bourdain and His Soup


This one time I watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode about Romania and decided I had to go there.  Mainly to eat the vegetable soup that I saw on the show.  I stupidly forgot to write down which stall in the Sighetu Marmației market he’d eaten at, and ended up spending an hour wandering around the market looking for soup until I finally settled on this bowl at La Ilisca.  Served with ridiculously fresh white bread this was vegetarian peasant food at its best (don’t ask about the stock).  See Anthony Bourdain eating the soup below (skip to 28:40).

Sighetu_Marmaţiei_Agroalimentaria__Market_2402190934680159242I slurped this soup at La Ilisca in the Sighetu Marmației public market after a serious downpour.  The market wasn’t in the greatest condition, as you can see!  However, I won’t let something like knee-deep mud stop me from getting a bowl of piping hot soup! (It also didn’t stop local Roma from lining the sidewalks to sell freshly-picked berries and fresh-grown herbs from the nearby forests.)


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