Spring Cleaning: Your Beauty Loot

weather1With summer fast approaching (even if- or especially if- the current weather might suggest otherwise… these are current conditions in my city!), it’s a great time to tidy up your bathroom and clean out your beauty supplies.  Here’s what you should do to prepare for summer:

  1. Collect your sunscreens (and face creams with SPF) and check their expiry dates.  Throw out any sunscreen that is passed its expiry date, and move anything with a fast-approaching expiry date to the front of your collection for quick use.  I’m not going to tell you toss your mascara every three months (sorry, I live in The Real World), but sunscreen is one of the few beauty items that actually keeps you from dying.  Speaking as someone who had a biopsy on a potentially cancerous mole this week (fortunately it came back all clear!), this one hits close to home.IMG_0182
  2. Check other products with expiration dates.  The other morning I realized I was using deodorant that expired last summer.  I personally don’t believe it matters that much, but since I’ve got three  deodorants on the go (each one smells different!), it seems logical to use up the oldest first.  Other products that are likely to have expiration dates include toothpaste and any hand-made organic or natural products.
  3. Sort what you use from what you don’t.  Some people will tell you to throw away that lime green eyeliner you haven’t worn in recent memory, but I think they must lead very boring lives.  Who knows when you will you need lime green eyeliner?  Put the lid on tight and toss it in a makeup bag under the sink, along with your fire-hydrant red blush and blue glitter lipstick.
  4. Okay, I guess you do have to throw away some things.  If it’s really, really, really old, toss it.  If you recently bought a house and had a baby, now is the time to throw away your Bonne Belle Lipsmackers from junior high.IMG_0186
  5. Group similar objects on your counters and in your drawers.  My bathroom drawer is lined with three boxes.  At the back I store tools like eyelash curlers, nail clippers and hair accessories.  In the middle I keep stuff that comes in vials or tubes.  The front is dedicated to cosmetics.  This makes it easy to find what I’m looking for in the morning.  Last spring I won a full skin care line from Live Clean, and I also keep it grouped together on my counter (along with a pile of makeup palettes that don’t fit in my drawer).


  6. Almost finally, start using up what you’ve got.  I’ve been on a massive “use up” mission for the entirety of 2013.  I haven’t bought a single shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, body lotion, deodorant or cosmetic product.  Instead, I’m on a mad mission to use up what I’ve already got on hand.  There’s an odd feeling of victory each time I throw a bottle into the garbage.  I’m using the snowball effect– starting with the products with the least remaining, working my way up to the newer purchases that still have a lot left.IMG_0188
  7. And really finally, clean your bathroom!  I didn’t say this was going to be fun!  Once you’ve got your personal care products sorted, thoroughly wipe down your counters, clean inside the sink, spray and wipe the mirrors, clean the toilet and sweep then mop the floor.  For most of my bathroom cleaning I like using Lysol Brand Sanitizing Wipes.

PS – I know this post kind of makes me look like a beauty product hoarder, but rest assured that I rarely pay retail price for anything.  A lot of what you see is gifts and free samples, or was purchased as part of a packaged deal.  As for the other stuff, I only buy when it’s on sale!


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