Mealtime Monday: Everything Tastes Better Baked With Cheese (Duplicate Title, for Emphasis)

Macedonia Casserole

In case you didn’t hear me last week: Everything tastes better baked with cheese.  Also: Everything tastes better baked in terracotta.  Got it?  I thought I’d shared this meal with you before, but it would seem I haven’t.  Following up on my Turkish casserole from last week, I bring you a Macedonian casserole rooted in the same culinary traditions: simple vegetables elevated by a whole lot of cheese.  The only thing that’s better than a cheesy vegetable casserole is a cheesy vegetable casserole with a side of Schweppes Bitter Lemon- the thinking girl’s Sprite.

This casserole was enjoyed beside the babbling brook while watching the frogs at Sveti Naum monastery on the banks of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.  Was that a run-on sentence?  This beautiful half-day trip kind of deserves its own photo montage- check it out!



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