Mealtime Monday: Mouldy Soup


What is grosser than “corn fungus soup”?  How about “corn smut soup”?  It sounds like some kind of vegetarian pornography!   Huitlacoche is a fungus (specifically, a “smut”) that grows on corn.  Since Aztec times it has been considered a delicacy across Mexico, so I had to try a bowl of “corn fungus soup” while visiting Mexico City.  The taste was actually quite mild, and I later tried huitlacoche in other dishes such as quesadillas.  It’s an interesting vegetarian option, and anyone who isn’t afraid of a mushroom or two should give this a try… it’s just a fungus, after all!

Confession time.  This was actually eaten at the Danish-inspired restaurant Konditori in DF’s Zona Rosa.  Yes, there are Danish restaurants in Mexico!

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