Mealtime Monday: Pig-Free Posole


In the spirit of last week’s On Being Vegetarian in Mexico, I bring you a heaping bowl of vegetarian posole dished up in Zapopan, Mexico.  Traditionally, posole is made from hominy (corn kernals treated with lime or wood ash) and pork.  At this restaurant in Zapopan (a suburb of Guadalajara) the hominy remains but the pork is replaced with heaps of mushrooms.  Oh, and the broth, which is usually made from red chiles, becomes spinach-based.  On the side there was shredded lettuce and lime to garnish the soup, and my glass of horchata can be seen too.

You can try vegetarian posole at Fonda Gabina Escolastica at Javier Mina #237 in Zapopan (there is a street with the same name in central Guadalajara- you will not find this restaurant there!).  

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