How to Clean Your Face, French Style

Recently, while skimming some of my favorite beauty blogs, I came across a series on Into the Gloss about how to clean your face.  Unlike Allure‘s much-maligned “how to take a shower” guide from a few years ago, there were actually some things to learn from French facialist Isabelle Bellis over on ITG.  Namely, Isabelle recommends spraying your face with mineral water (rather than splashing with tap water), rubbing your face wash a bit to heat it up, and then applying it with very specific motions.  She’s also got tips for toner, and in a second video, instructions for getting the most out of your moisturizer (if you’re not pianotage-ing, you’re doing it wrong!).

french skin care

Since the same site already taught me to get “French Girl, Model-Off-Duty” hair (hint: don’t brush it!), I thought I’d give French skin care a try too.  I picked up some La Roche Posay mineral water and stocked up on Roc Cleansing Water.  For the ultimate French experience try Bioderma – Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution, the most famous gentle French cleanser.

After just one day of following Isabelle’s advice and “treating my skin like silk”  I can see a difference and I promise to report back after (hopefully) sticking with the regime for a few weeks.


3 responses to “How to Clean Your Face, French Style

  1. It was an interesting video. Not sure how much I buy into the mineral water thing, but she had some good tips in terms of treating your face like it’s silk. I mean, she’s right. So often, we abuse the hell out of our skin and then we are mad when it doesn’t look how we want!

  2. i loved this video on

  3. interesting information!! I watched the videos and I’ll try to apply the same methods! very nice, really!!
    thank you for sharing 🙂

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