WPC: Curves in Guadalajara Mexico

arcos tercer milenio guadalajara

When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge was “Curves”, I was going to post a picture of how my butt looked after eight weeks of squatting down to put on my forty-pound backpack.  Then I remembered I’d never actually taken such a photo, because that would be super-weird, but rest assured that two months of backpacking does wonders for one’s derriere.

Instead, I bring you a snapshot of Los Arcos del Tercer Milenio, a monolithic sculpture rising fifty-two metres above the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico.  When I lived in Guadalajara the arches were probably best known as a symbol you were approaching the nearby shopping center (Plaza del Sol) and could begin engaging in some retail therapy, yet today they are symbols of the rise of drug trafficking in the city- in 2011, twenty-six bodies were found in abandoned vehicles underneath the arches.

See another work by the same artist here.


5 responses to “WPC: Curves in Guadalajara Mexico

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  2. How very sad 😦 But great photo anyway.

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