Mealtime Monday: Supermarket Stalker

Pristina Supermarket

Most Mondays I share a photo of a meal that I’ve eaten.  This Monday I thought I’d mix it up and share a photo of someone else, shopping for the food she’ll use to later prepare a meal.  I never leave a country without checking out at least one (okay, a dozen) of its supermarkets.  I loved the rows upon rows of food products in this nearly-empty Pristina “hypermarket”, and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture as this elderly woman grabbed something from a shelf in the refrigerated section.  I ate well in Kosovo, including a particularly delicious meal at a restaurant called Pishat (I can’t say that with a straight face, but maybe I’ll share it next week!).  Something tells me that a home-cooked Kosovar dinner would be even better…

I fucking love the Albanian language.  Did you know that the Albanian word for Albania is Shqipëri?  For more Qs, Js and Ps then you can shake a stick at, visit the Maxi Hipermarket website.


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