Mealtime Monday: Not Burek!


I have shared this photo with you before, when talking about what to see and do in Sarajevo.  I thought it was worth pulling from the archives once again.  Although I purchased this pastry at a “Buregdzinica”, which surely has something to do with burek, the man who sold me this was adamant that it was “NOT BUREK!”  Although Wikipedia says burek is a category of filled pastry including  many varieties (such as say, spinach and cheese!), the man who sold me this was adamant that it was “NOT BUREK.”  Whatever it was it was delicious.


3 responses to “Mealtime Monday: Not Burek!

  1. haha, it looks like a burek to me but sometimes in Eastern Europe, they make Burek in a similar way to a pizza i.e. pastry at the bottom and topping at the top as a top layer.

  2. In Bosnia they call only such pastry with meat a burek while the ones with any other filling are called pita. While in Serbia they call all of them burek, but even Serbian people say that burek are much better in Bosnia 🙂

    • lipglossandabackpack

      I didn’t have a chance to try Serbian burek but I definitely agree that they’re great in Bosnia!

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