Not-Even-Slightly-Inspiring Travel Book: The Yurt of Hurt

Sometimes things can go pretty wrong when you travel, study, work or live abroad.  Fortunately, things rarely go as wrong as they did for author Matthew Davis during his year working as an English teacher in Tsetserleg, a small city 360 miles southwest of Ulaanbaatar.  If you’ve been contemplating travel as a way to escape your demons, reading this book should convince you that your demons will eventually catch up, no matter how far away you go.  The decision to travel abroad- especially for a long time or in a place with minimal infrastructure- should be made by someone of sound mind.  If you’re grappling with substance abuse, depression or other serious issues, focus on resolving them before you buy your ticket so that you don’t end up like Davis: hungover, cold, naked, battered and bruised in a Mongolian hospital.  Because that just isn’t pretty.

When Things Get Dark is available for Kindle on Amazon, through other sellers in paperback or hardcover, or at your local public library!


One response to “Not-Even-Slightly-Inspiring Travel Book: The Yurt of Hurt

  1. I’ve nominated Lipgloss and a Backpack for the Versatile Blogger Award. Your blogs always inspire me, and I look forward to each one! Thank you!

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