Mealtime Monday: No Me Gusta / I Nie Podoba Mi Się To


Apparently I’m something of a masochist, as I couldn’t avoid dining at The Mexican in Sopot, Poland.  I knew it would be bad, but as someone who has lived in Mexico I was interested in seeing how just how bad it could be (spoiler: really, really bad).  There were a lot of things that were wrong with my meal.

  • I remain unconvinced that is actually salsa and guacamole
  • Mushrooms and spinach are not authentic burrito fillings
  • Dill-infused coleslaw should never share a plate with a burrito
  • My margarita cost the equivalent of seven euro and was worse than the bottles of Mike’s Hard Margarita that we used to drink in the forest in high school*
  • There were flies everywhere.  Everywhere.

I mean, this note on the menu should have been sufficient warning.


However, there was one really noteworthy thing about my meal here.  The waitresses at The Mexican were required to wear ridiculous, stereotypical uniforms of long, puffy red skirts along with equally puffy, off-the-shoulder crop tops.  Amazingly, a wide array of body types was represented by the female servers.  Some were tall and thin like models, while others were shorter and heavier, with visible rolls of fat under their crop tops.  It was refreshing to see that the restaurant management hired staff for reasons other than just how thin they look (a few popular restaurants around here could take note!) and it was also nice to see women who didn’t seem ashamed of their “average” bodies.  Would it be nicer if they didn’t make the staff wear revealing uniforms?  Maybe… I didn’t ask the women how they felt about the uniform so it’s equally possible they loved or hated them.  The food might have left a bad taste in my mouth, but the mosaic of body shapes put a smile on my face.

* There is hope in the world of pre-packaged tequila beverages.  Check out New Mix’s paloma blend, which is tequila mixed with refreshing grapefruit soda, next time you’re in Mexico!


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