Inspiring Travel Books: Beijing Confidential

Who needs to go to China when you can just read about it?  That seems to be my attitude, considering how many of my Inspiring Travel Books are set in China.  Beijing Confidential: A Tale of Comrades Lost and Found is yet another great travelogue set (mostly) in China.  It tells the story of Canadian journalist Jan Wong, who was one of the last foreigners allowed to study in China during the Cultural Revolution.  As an international student there she denounced one of her classmates, reporting the girl for seeking information about immigrating to America.  Years later Wong reflected on her actions and was spurred (somewhat selfishly) to discover what had happened to the girl.  Beijing Confidential recounts Wong’s trip to China to seek out her classmate and see how the city had changed.  The moral of this story?  Don’t be a tattle-tale.


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