Thanks for your patience!


It was a long July!  I drove about 2,500 kilometers, started grad school, wrote too many papers to count and definitely did not update my blog enough!  The good news is that I’m now back home (after a long, slow-moving drive through the mountains) and plan to get back to blogging.  While I was gone I realized that I am only a few short months away from a major milestone birthday- thirty!– and I’d better get my health and beauty routines in check if I plan to stay twenty-nine forever.  My plan for August to December is to eat healthy, exercise, try out great beauty products, do my classwork, do my actual work and blog.  My graduate program requires me to develop an ePortfolio, so I am also looking into learning Photoshop, which will hopefully make this blog look a little bit nicer too!  So again, thanks for being patient and I promise to deliver some great updates ASAP (as soon as I (un)pack)!


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