Food and Fitness Tracking

I love eating healthy foods and exercising.  I also love eating ice cream and watching The Only Way is Essex.  I need something to help me find balance between the two, because honestly, I’m not great at doing it on my own.  I have had excellent success tracking my food and fitness using a free site called  I love how the site turns weight management into a science: by tracking the calories you consume and the calories you burn (both through just being alive and through exercise) you can really understand the reasons you are gaining, losing or maintaining weight.  I use SparkPeople in a very regimented way: I always estimate high when it comes to calories consumed, and low when it comes to calories burned.  Some people will track housekeeping and “making love” (ha!) as exercise: I consider those things part of my normal life and don’t count them.  When it comes to food I round up my portion sizes- all my apples are “large” apples!

If you’d like to kick up your health routine this fall (I’m counting August as fall; it’s already cold and grey here!) you can join me on SparkPeople.  Any of the links in this post will connect you to me immediately after you join, so that you can see what I’m eating and how I’m working out, but if you’d prefer to join on your own then connect with me after: my username is LGandaB.  Even if you don’t have weight-related goals the site has lots of other tools: busy message boards, groups who share common interests, “trackers” for other things like daily glasses of water and free workout videos.  When you sign up you are given the option of using or not using their diet plans: I strongly recommend not using their plans.  Build your own healthy lifestyle; don’t just copy theirs!


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