Project Trash Ten

10pan1What is that, you ask?  Why, it’s just a peek at the top layer of my sample basket.  My sample basket is where I keep samples of beauty products that I don’t have any immediate need to try out, or that simply don’t fit in my bathroom drawer (or medicine cabinet, or counter-top, or cabinet).  I’m pretty sure I have enough sample beauty products (nevermind full-sized ones!) to last me until 2014.  I need to stop buying more.

So, I thought I’d jump on the “Ten Pan Challenge”.  Do a Google search for that phrase and you’ll see more than 6,000 results.  That’s 6,000 beauty bloggers who have committed to not buying more stuff until they’ve used up ten products they’ve currently got on the go.  I dislike the name Ten Pan Challenge (it makes me think of some kind of Iron Chef Wok Showdown), so I’m going to make my own- Project Trash Ten.

I am hereby committing to not buying any more beauty products until I have used up and reviewed ten products from my own bathroom.  Sample-size products count are going to count as half, so I’ll have to use up two samples to be one closer to buying something new.

If you’re wanting to simplify your life (and bathroom), join me in using up what you’ve got on hand!


12 responses to “Project Trash Ten

  1. I would love to do this but I have no self control. I am actually working through my shower stuff. I have some shower gels to use up and shampoo and conditioner. Baby steps!

  2. I’d love to read it- go ahead! 🙂

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  4. I would love to have to mentality to not buy something new!! Good luck, can’t wait to see how you get on!!

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  9. Thanks for the idea! I think I’ll do this myself. Do you mind if I use your name -Project Trash Ten? It’s pretty cool? I’ll be sure to credit you and link back to this post. 🙂

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