How to Pack a Transitional Wardrobe

How to Pack a Transitional Wardrobe

It’s that time of year again!  If you’re in the northern hemisphere you’re seeing back to school sales and shops full of wool coats.  (And Halloween candy!  I saw Halloween candy yesterday!)  If you’re in the southern hemisphere… well, I don’t know because I’ve never been to the southern hemisphere.  Maybe you’re unpacking all your swimsuits or something.

Anyways, travel at this time of year can be great.  It’s the off-season, places are less busy and things are getting less expensive.  But it can also be harder to pack, as you don’t know whether to expect scorching heat or freezing frost.  Last summer I experienced forty-degree heat in Albania and ten-degree chill in Estonia, all in one trip (and all out of one backpack).  If you aspire to look good and be comfortable, there are some easy basics you can pack to make transitional travel more fabulous.

Packing List:
  • Grey skinny jeans or jeggings
  • Neutral-print bodycon miniskirt
  • Black t-shirt
  • Black tank
  • Neon tank
  • Neon cardigan
  • Leather jacket
  • Flat boots
  • Flat shoes

There are two items I would recommend buying locally, if the need arises.  First, a pair of high heels.  The pink tank and bodycon skirt could easily become nightclub-appropriate with the addition of a pair of great heels.  The ones in my photo are only $40 at Zara, which has shops around the world.  If you’re tight on room in your bag grab a pair of heels locally.

The other item you don’t need to bring from home is tights.  The bodycon skirt can be paired with opaque tights and a cardigan to battle a cool day.  Cheap tights can be found in supermarkets and actual markets around the world, for pennies.  No need to pack them (and risk getting a run before they’re needed).

Do you have any autumn or spring trips planned?  How will you be packing?


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