Mealtime Monday: Hotel Breakfasts


I love a good hotel breakfast.  I really, really, really love a great  hotel breakfast.  When I think about my favorite hotel breakfasts, two come to mind.

I know I’ve mentioned Ates Pension in Kas, Turkey before, but this homey budget hotel and hostel really went above and beyond to provide their guests with an amazing breakfast.  I found a photo (not mine) of their breakfast buffet spread online: hot and cold cereals, tons of fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, extra plates of the vegetables and cheeses marinated in spicy chili oil, hard boiled eggs, sliced meats, fresh bread, fresh butter and lots of Turkish coffee and tea.  Since this is all included in your room rate (or your eighteen-euro dorm rate!), it’s an amazing deal.

The other place where they do breakfast right is Scandinavia.  I stayed at the Scandic Copenhagen last summer.  Scandinavia is expensive in general, but the Scandic somehow manages to keep prices relatively low and quality relatively high.  In addition to getting a room with a beautiful view and the kindest service at check-in I’ve encountered in a long while, the Scandic knows breakfast.  Serving a certified organic breakfast for more than ten years, the Scandic offers literally hundreds of hot and cold breakfast dishes.  For a vegetarian expect a great selection of fruits, cheeses, breads, pastries, cereals and garnishes, plus hot coffee (which is free all day!).

Sadly I was neither in Turkey nor Denmark this year.  Instead I was driving across Western Canada and staying at the kind of hotel that caters to people driving across Western Canada.  Here’s the kind of breakfast you can expect at the kind of the hotel that caters to people driving across Western Canada: an overcooked omelet, pre-sliced brown bread and from-frozen hashbrowns (though I will say that creme fraiche and green onions do help elevate frozen hash browns) and one nice little touch- a little tart with local berry jam in the middle.


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