Project Trash Ten: 2 / 10


In my efforts to Trash Ten products before I buy any more, I have just tossed two into the trash!  The first is a Rocky Mountain Soap Company lip balm that I bought in December, 2011.  I recall the date because I was going to spend that Christmas break backpacking in Mexico, and I thought that by packing the Vanilla Candy Cane lip balm I could get more in the festive spirit, even when surrounded by tacos and tequila.  This turned into one of my favorite balms and will probably buy another one this fall (if I use up ten products first, that is!).  The second item is a Maybelline Mascara- The Colossal Volum’ Express in black.  I wasn’t a big fan of this mascara as I found it dried up much, much, much faster than any other mascara in my arsenal.  If you use up mascara tubes within a month or two this would actually be a good thickening choice for you, but if you need your mascara to last a bit longer then I’d suggest another formula or brand.

Two down, eight to go!


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