Unboxing: Topbox August 2013

Considering my love-hate relationship with beauty boxes it seems strange that I’ve never done an unboxing before.  I’ve subscribed to a few different Canadian beauty boxes: Glossybox (went out of business), Glymm (went out of business and took everyone’s money with it), Luxe Box (switched from monthly to quarterly, raising prices in the process) and now I am only subscribing to one: Topbox.  So, let’s take a peek at the August, 2013 Topbox!


Topbox sometimes partners with different companies.  If you’re interested in receiving a “privé” box you can put your name forward and they will do their best to match you.  This month subscribers could choose between Clinique, Glam Glow, Darphin and Miracle10.  Miracle10 was the only line that was new to me, so I said I would be open to one of their boxes or the regular box.  Normally the privé boxes come with brand-specific packaging, so when I opened my package and saw the regular wrapping I knew I had received the regular Topbox.

What was inside?


First, there was a sample of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +.  I feel pretty neutral about Clinique’s skincare products, but this will be a good size to toss in my gym bag.  I am disappointed, however, that there is no explanation of what makes this formula +.  How is it different than the previous formulation?  At $17 for 50ml this 15ml sample is worth $5.10.


Next up was a bottle of China Glaze nail polish.  I’m always happy to receive a nail polish from a current collection as Glossybox Canada once sent out nail polish that had been discontinued five years earlier.  The color- Keepin’ It Teal- is a greenish-teal.  Online reviews say it takes four coats to become opaque.  That seems a bit laborious and time-consuming, but I’ll give it a try one day when I’ve got absolutely nothing else to do and can sit around waiting for four coats to dry!  This polish retails for $10.


The next item was quite surprising.  I’ve got a few mascara samples kicking around (unopened, to help them last longer) but I might need to crack this one open ASAP.  Avon’s MEGA effects mascara (weird capitalization courtesy Avon) comes with instructions explaining how to open the tube!  “Grip at sides and remove cap.  Rock brush from side to side to pull out.”  Inside the box I can see FOUR illustrations explaining, step-by-step, how to use this mascara.  The strange shape of the tube makes it look quite small, but apparently this is a full-size product worth $12.  Seeing as it looks like you need a PhD in physics to operate this mascara I’ll do a review shortly.


The final item in the package is a Miyu miniature gift bag featuring a sample size of their “Hydrate Mi” facial mist and a tea bag.  The facial spray is designed to be spritzed on before moisturizer.  Disappointingly there are no ingredients on the packaging and their website is not operational.  I’m reluctant to spray something on my face without knowing what it is!  There are also no ingredients on the tea bag, which could be a concern for people with allergies or sensitivities.  The full size facial spray apparently retails for $34, which makes this sample worth $6.40.  I’ll add ten cents for the tea bag.   (Miyu markets itself as “the first lifestyle beauty brand to pair skincare with teas”.  This is really getting my creative juices flowing.  Anyone want to join me in starting “the first lifestyle beauty brand to pair skincare with cheese”?  What about “the first lifestyle beauty brand to pair skincare with Post-It notes”?  “The first lifestyle beauty brand to pair skincare with wall-to-wall carpeting”?)

In conclusion, this box was just okay.  I like it when I get to try out new brands and products through my beauty boxes, and this box didn’t provide me with much opportunity in that regard.  However, I am kind of excited about this beauty-meets-carpeting idea.  Total value: $33.60. 

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7 responses to “Unboxing: Topbox August 2013

  1. I love your writing, and the carpeting idea! I hope you do future Topbox unboxings.

  2. Haha you are a very very good writer. And yeah, the tea thing threw me off but it’s kind of cute. I drank it. I’m still breathing! I received the kabuki brush instead of nail polish but the nail polish looks nice too!

  3. I got the nail polish last month (I think I did 3 coats when I applied it) and this month I got a lip balm sample. meh. I like the facial spray and tea. The mascara actually took me 2 minutes to figure out wtf i was doing trying to open it, I thought the packaging was going to break. I tried it out without using the instructions as I wasn’t aware there were instructions. Would have been helpful to say the least.

  4. Agnes Dravarits

    I got the Clinique Prive Topbox & I love what I got! I got the same Dramatically Different moisturizer. I also got High Impact mascara, Almost lipstick in Black Honey, All About Eyes eye cream & an empty jar to take to the store for a free makeup sample. I can hardly wait to try the lipstick. I’ be heard a lot of good things about it. Can’ t wait to see Septembers’ wish list. I would love to try that Avon mascara. I saw it in Septembers’ Allure magazine.

  5. I was never a huge fan of the China Glaze nail polishes so I never buy them. But trying this since getting it as a sample changed my mind- you do need a couple of more coats than other brands but they do dry very quickly. I didst find it any more time consuming than say OPI or Illamasqua

  6. Your box was pretty different from mine! I got that polish last month. If you put a base white on first, it will only need one or two coats to at least look okay (if that teal can ever be said to look “okay”).

    Here’s a link to my review, if you’re interested:


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