Review: SkinFood Watery Berry Mask Sheet


In a recent order from KollectionK I picked up a few of Korea’s famous skincare masks.  The first one I tried was the SkinFood Watery Berry Mask Sheet, which is remarkably affordable at only $3.70.


The instructions were easy to follow.  First, I washed my face with a gentle cleanser and allowed it to dry.  I detached the two sections of packaging and tore open the smaller top section.  Inside there was a watery gel which I spread all over my face.  Then I washed and dried my hands before opening the larger package.  Inside that container there was a face-sized mask with cut-outs for the eyes and mouth, and a flap that allowed it to fold over my nose.   I smoothed the mask over my face, washed my hands again and set my timer for fifteen minutes.

Within a few minutes I could feel my skin tingling.  The mask didn’t really dry on my face, so I went back to the bathroom a few times to smooth down the edges (especially around my neck).  While in the bathroom I noticed that I looked like a mass murderer.  No big deal.  After fifteen minutes I peeled off the mask and tossed it in the garbage.  As per the package instructions I didn’t rinse; instead, I patted the remaining fluid into my skin and allowed it to air dry.

The result?  At first, not much.  I have pretty “normal” skin and the mask seemed to make it a little redder, with a rougher texture.  My skin looked better immediately before the mask than immediately after.  However, the benefits became more visible the next day, when my skin was glowing and applying my tinted moisturizer was easier.  I would recommend this mask, but I’d also encourage you to apply it twenty-four hours before any special events.  Individually-packed masks like these are also great to toss in your travel kit for instant skin-brightening on the road!


One response to “Review: SkinFood Watery Berry Mask Sheet

  1. I have a few and I need to really try them out.

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