Review: Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I recently received an entirely new kind of mascara in my August Top Box.  Avon Mega Effects Mascara is unusual.  How unusual?  Well, the interior of the box features a four-panel illustrated guide to using this beauty product.

avon mega effects mascara 1

The illustrated guide is probably necessary, as this mascara is unlike any I’ve used before.  First, check out the “tube”.

avon mega effects mascara 2

Most mascara tubes are round, while Avon Mega Effects comes in a much flatter tube.

avon mega effects mascara 3

Remove the pink lid and you encounter the black base, which contains the product, along with a pink handle.  If you didn’t read the instructions you might be confused about how to get the “wand” out- it is firmly stuck in the tube and has to be wiggled back and forth from side to side to remove it.  The plastic handle doesn’t seem that secure to me, and I worry that the wand might go flying as I pull it out.  I wouldn’t use this  mascara in a carpeted area for that reason.

avon mega effects mascara 4

Firmly pulling the pink brush removes the mascara applicator, which is shaped a bit like a paintbrush.  Suddenly you’ve got three pieces.  That seems like one too many, in my opinion.  Put down the lid and the tube and focus on the wand, which helpfully features a hinge.  Unfortunately, no matter how I bent this wand I could not find a position that allowed me to build up mascara on my lashes without making contact with my lash line and getting little smudges on my lid.

avon mega effects mascara 5

The bristles on the wand seem to go in all directions and contour outwards from the middle of the brush.  The wand is very wide, making it difficult to touch up small areas along your lashes.

I’ve used this mascara on three different mornings now.  Each time I’ve had to use a damp Q-Tip to tidy up smudges on my upper lid.  I like being able to manipulate my mascara wand so that my lashes all go in the same direction (up and out), and I found this wand didn’t allow me that level of control.  I got a few clumps, and my lashes seemed to point in random directions after application.  Because I’m a product hoarder I probably won’t throw this out, but I definitely would not purchase it with my own money.  There’s a reason mascara has come with a simple wand in a basic, round tube for so long- it works!


7 responses to “Review: Avon Mega Effects Mascara

  1. What an interesting concept. Really enjoyed this post.

  2. Thanks for the review. I did buy this out of curiosity.

  3. Having used it for a week now I simply love it! It is so easy to apply, is quicker & gives fuller coverage on your lashes. One sweep & you are done. What a super new product!

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  5. Use the Somaluxe Face Wash – thats the only thing that is able to remove mascara without having to be rough on my eyes. I have been using Somaluxe for 2 months now, and my skin is the happiest in years. . .

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