Project Trash Ten: 4.5 / 10


I just trashed another two beauty products!  They were both samples, so the combination of these two empties put me one point closer to having trashed ten cosmetics before I purchase anything new.  I actually kept both of these samples in my gym bag as part of my Hamam at Home routine.  After sweating it out in the steam room for a few minutes I would head to the showers and apply the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub with a barely-damp washcloth.  I really, really, really liked the texture of this scrub.  It was a little bit gummy which meant that it didn’t instantly dissolve on my skin.  Instead, it held its exfoliating properties long enough to really refresh my skin.  The coconut-lime fragrance was great too!  After scrubbing I dried off and applied the Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cream.  This one wasn’t a big hit for me.  The color and texture was a bit odd (it is clay-colored, so it looks like a mud mask!) and I didn’t find the scent particularly interesting.  I will definitely be purchasing a full size of the Tree Hut scrub (bonus points for the fact that it’s dirt cheap!) but won’t be needing any more of the Aveda body cream in the future.


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