Unboxing: Topbox October 2013


My October 2013 Topbox arrived today!  I was so happy to receive it promptly this month; the shipping notification came yesterday and the box came today.  Once again the box was too large for my mail box (14″ x 6″ x 4″) but even Canada Post worked in my favour today and I was able to pick it up right after work.


This month I paid an extra $5 to upgrade to the Cosmetics Magazine privé box.  I wasn’t familiar with Cosmetics Magazine (it seems to be an industry publication in Canada) but I was impressed with the variety of samples the box promised to contain.  Topbox also promised “it is the one and only time you will see mass brands in a Topbox”, so let’s hold them to their promise in future months!


The real reason I upgraded to the Cosmetics Magazine box was the promise of two full-size, high end products.  First, the Shiseido Hydro Balancing Softener is a gentle liquid intended to be applied to the face between cleansing and moisturizing.  There is also a Biotherm Blue Therapy face cream.  These two products have a combined value of $43.


The box also contained two full-size mass market products.  Bio-Oil is popular in many circles for its hydrating properties, and also for its supposed ability to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  I haven’t seen a reduction in scarring when using Bio-Oil, but I do find it to be a nice, heavy moisturizer in the winter (for my body, not my delicate face!).  I also received a package of Live Clean Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes.  I have a lot of experience with the Live Clean Fresh Face line, but not with this product, so I’m looking forward to trying it.  Honestly, I love face wipes because I’m super lazy.  However, I’m also super cheap and know they’re not even slightly economical.  Free face wipes get two thumbs up from me!  These two products have a combined value of $22.


The samples from here forward were definitely smaller.  I received one Garnier Dark Spot Treatment Mask (value: $3).  I don’t really have dark spots to treat, but I hope that it will boost my skin’s moisture and radiance this winter.  There is also a little tube of Bioderma Sebium Global, which is a spot treatment for acne emergencies.  My insane workout regime has resulted in a single, huge pimple on my chin, and I’m willing to swap out my current product to give this one a chance.  This 5 ml sample is worth $3.  Two Nuxe samples were also included.  I’m excited as I recently developed a love of Nuxe.  Bio Beauté is Nuxe’s organic, paraben-free line of products featuring active fruit extracts.  I received a 4 ml sachet of cleanser (a milky formula with orange water) and a 7 ml sachet of exfoliant (with redcurrant pulp).  The two tiny samples have a combined value of less than $2.


Last, the tube included two 1.5 ml samples of L’Oreal skin products.  The Texture Perfector is an anti-aging serum; it was accompanied by a sample of BB Cream in a light-medium shade.  These two single-use samples are worth less than $1.

The October Cosmetics Magazine Topbox cost me the regular price of $12, plus a $5 upgrade fee.  The total value of the box is about $73, so I consider it money well spent.  I hope that Topbox can maintain this level of prompt shipping and high-end partnerships in the future!


5 responses to “Unboxing: Topbox October 2013

  1. Ohh! You got an amazing box! I love nuxe as well 🙂 And those full size items were definitely worth it!

    • Thanks! I’ve seen some less-than-stellar regular boxes this month (including some where two of the four samples were 3 ml or less!) but I liked being able to pay the extra $5 to guarantee a high-quality box. Topbox’s prive partnerships are also usually quite high quality, though you’re not guaranteed to get the box you request.

      • That’s true… Topbox has stepped up their game though. Teaming up with Murale was a good idea. I might cancel in December depending on November’s box just because the samples are pretty tiny as you mentioned!

  2. looks like you have got yourself a great box. I find it harder and harder to pick each month, either for the regular box(which I opted for the past few months and nothing too exciting), the prive box or upgrade to something I know I will enjoy. Yours look like you got your box well-worth it. Great pick!

  3. Great little goody box you have! My have brands are Nuxe and Bioderma—hope you like them! Enjoy:)

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