WPC: Good Morning Sarajevo and Mostar!

sarajevo to mostar train

I got out of bed at 11:00 am today.  Fortunately it’s the weekend and all I’ve got to do is a little classwork (mostly done already!) plus some housekeeping.  On weekdays it’s another story.  I have my morning routine on a schedule as tight as a Marine, with nearly everything carefully planned the night before so as to avoid losing even one extra minute’s sleep.  Thus, it was hard for me to find a photo to illustrate this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme: morning.  I don’t have time to take photos in the morning!

It took a while before I could recall a time I do take photos in the morning: when I’ve booked myself on an early train.  I’ve shared this photo with you before; it shows the beautiful morning train ride between Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The Sarajevo to Mostar train runs twice daily and takes a little longer than a bus, but the 7:00 am departure affords beautiful views of hills, valleys and rivers as the sun rises.  Maybe if mornings here in suburbia were that beautiful I’d be more inclined to get up early!


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