Project Trash Ten: 8 / 10


I made some big progress in Project Trash Ten this week!  Confession: this is kind of good, as I actually spent some money on beauty products even though I hadn’t used up ten of my old ones yet.  I bought the beauty products online from the USA and hoped that they wouldn’t arrive until I reached my goal of using up ten things that I have on hand.  This process has taught me that I use skincare, haircare and body care products much more quickly than I use up cosmetics.

So, what empties can I share this week?  For starters, and for half a point, I used up a sample of L’Oreal Mythic Oil leave-in hair treatment.  This was a tiny sample vial but a little went a long way; I got about five or six uses out of it on my medium-length hair.  It worked as well as similar products on the market, such as Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil.  I also used up a full-size L’Oreal shampoo, Total Repair 5.  This bottle has been in my shower forever.  I like to use matching shampoos and conditioners, but tend to use up the conditioner first.  Once the conditioner is gone I often choose a new shampoo and conditioner combo over using up the remaining solo shampoo.  Anyways, this shampoo is ancient and has now been either re-packaged or re-formulated as Total Repair 5 – Instant Miracle.  For someone without major hair concerns it’s a decent choice, if a bit heavy.

The final thing I’m proud to have used up is one of three bottles of Roc Extra Comfort Cleansing Water, a micellar cleanser.  After learning how to wash my face like a French girl I swapped this into my nightly skin care routine on a very regular basis.  I loved this gentle cleanser, especially combined with a spritz of luxurious mineral water (rather than my local chlorine-heavy tap water).  I bought this bottle at a great sale price and picked up two others at the same time.  I’m looking forward to continue using this in the dry winter months ahead.

To achieve my goal I just have to use up two more products before my packages (one from Sephora, the other from Fragrance.Net) arrive.  If you believe, you can achieve!


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