Mealtime Monday: Huevos Mexicanos

huevos mexicanos

It’s a long weekend here and I would have eaten a big Mexican breakfast on Sunday morning, had I not sabotaged my diet with a heaping handful of Halloween-sized candy bars on Saturday.  Perhaps I’ll exert enough self-control to make room for some migas today.   Migas are the ultimate fridge clearer-outer: saute a stale corn tortilla or two in a bit of oil, then toss an egg or two and scramble it up.  Top with salsa and cheese (and at my house, refried beans), then serve.  The photo above shows huevos mexicanos (sometimes written heuvos a la mexicana), which are eggs scrambled with tomatoes, served with beans and tortillas on the side.  Migas just takes all of that plate and combines it into one warm, mushy mouthful!

There are two popular breakfast restaurants in Guadalajara: La Chata and La Gorda.  I can’t remember where I ate this breakfast, but both are worth a visit.


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