Project Trash Ten: Complete! Introducing Project Trash Twenty!


In August I set out to pause my beauty spending until I’d used up ten full-size products I already had around the house (or twenty sample sizes).  About a month ago I reached the 8 / 10 mark, and I’m happy to say that I’ve finally reached my goal of using up ten beauty products!

Aveeno’s Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion is a great, unscented body lotion for dry and sensitive skin.  I will definitely repurchase this once I use up a few of the lotions I have around my house (unfortunately they’re all scented).  I also used up a sample of Cuccio Naturale Pomegranate and Fig body butter (from Beauty Box 5, I believe).  Trying to open this sample in the gym change room was comedic… it turns out I had to snap the top off the packaging by twisting it.  This body lotion had a sharp, spicy scent which paired nicely with a random perfume sample I’d tossed in my bag (Lancome’s La vie est belle) but it wasn’t a particularly great moisturizer.  I checked the Cuccio website for information about ingredients and pricing, and you have to create an account to see that information.  That tells me this product was not intended for purchase by an individual consumer… maybe it’s a hotel brand or something?

I also used up an ancient bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, a deep conditioning hair treatment.  This one has a strong scent of coconut, which I especially like in the summer, and great packaging (no lid!).  It’s a rich, heavy conditioner that is great for very dry or very damaged hair, but for girls with normal or fine hair it may be a bit much.

Shortly before I finished Project Trash Ten I splurged on a few beauty buys.  First, I ordered two scents online (details to come).  Then, I decided to buy Sephora’s new Superstars collection (details to come), as I loved the one I bought in 2011.  Together the purchases cost about $150, which is probably a little excessive for a grad student.  So, in honor of spending my money inappropriately I am going to repeat Project Trash Ten, only this time it will be called Project Trash Twenty!  Let’s hope I can stick to it once more!  Bring on the empties!


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