WPC: My Habit in Guadalajara Mexico

glorieta in zapopan

This used to be my hood.  In fact, this used to be my glorieta*.  You can see it on Google Maps; I lived in the salmon-colored apartment building you can see in the upper left (on Google Maps, not in my shot), I worked out at the glass-walled gym on the right (again, on Google Maps), and almost every single day of the week I went to the blue mini-super* to buy water (I would carry the large, 20-litre plastic bottles back to our apartment for both my roommate and myself), plantain chips or an ice cream sandwich.  My visits to this mini-super in Zapopan (sort of Guadalajara) became a daily habit, and I’m as sweet and friendly as pie (or as an ice cream sandwich!), but amazingly the couple who owned the shop never once acknowledged that they recognized me.  I would say I saw them at least 150 times, but every time it was like I was a complete stranger. When I left Mexico I missed having such easy access to plantain chips and ice cream sandwiches, but I can’t say I miss having to lug my drinking water home or shopping at the meanest mini-super ever!

* glorieta = roundabout, often with something decorative in the middle

* mini-super = miniature supermarket, or convenience store


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