Project Trash Twenty: 14.5 / 20

beauty empties

I cleared out a bit of space in my shower this week and saved the empties to share with you!  I picked up that Dove body wash in the summer and liked its moisturizing formula and neutral scent (it doesn’t clash with any of my perfumes).  The Avon Very Sexy body scrub didn’t exfoliate too well, but it did have a great scent.  Sort of a strawberry-vanilla, perfect for hot temperatures.  I have the matching body lotion and body spray from that line (it was a gift) and I will probably shelve them for the winter but get them out again in the spring.  The white tub contained my favorite body scrub which is handmade in my parents’ hometown; fortunately I picked up another tub last time I was in town.  It is totally organic and has the best ocean-y scent you could imagine.

I also cleared a little bit of space on my counter.  The pink bottle contained Nuxe’s version of a micellar water.  It was very strongly scented (the second ingredient was rose water) but it did a great job of removing my makeup and gently cleansing my skin.  Finally, the Clean and Clear toner is something I’d had around for ages and not used very often as the climate here is too dry for regular toner use; I actually read on /r/skincareaddiction about using it on the bikini line to prevent ingrown hairs and found that was a great way to use up the rest of the bottle.

Using up four full-size and one sample-size product puts me well on the way to achieving my goal of trashing twenty beauty products!


One response to “Project Trash Twenty: 14.5 / 20

  1. Great job! I’m excited about starting this. I’m not finished with anything yet, but I’m getting close!

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