Project Trash Twenty: 19.5 / 20


I feel like I should just wait until I use another trial-sized product and blog once I’ve trashed twenty, but since I’m stuck at the airport with nothing better to do (here’s hoping my delayed flight turns into a cancellation and I get to stay in a posh hotel overnight!) I figured I’d take note of a few a empties I’ve used up lately.

First, I went through two hair-care products.  The L’Oreal Absolut Repair Cellular serum was a little something I picked up while I was secret shopping a salon (I went undercover to check their knowledge of haircare products and got paid for doing so!).  Overall it was a nice serum that helped keep my dye-damaged ends looking nice year-round, though it didn’t offer much that the “big name” serums like Moroccan Oil or even Frizz-Ease don’t offer as well.  I also used up a trial-sized bottle of KMS Free Shape Blow Dry Spray, which was actually a life-saving product.  Yeah, it had a high alcohol content, but when I sprayed this into my roots before blow-drying there was a noticeable difference in how quickly my hair dried.  I have another trial-sized bottle kicking around but will definitely be looking into buying the full-size of this product (or maybe checking my local drugstore for something similar).

mascara empties

Sadly, I also had to toss my tube of Benefit They’re Real! mascara.  I hadn’t quite used up this mascara, which seemed to be a perfectly acceptable brush and formula (nothing miraculous, nothing horrible, just normal mascara) due to an eye infection!  In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious to you, the second you suspect you might have an eye infection you need to stop using eye makeup and, sadly, throw out the products you used in the preceding days (as they’re likely to harbour all manner of bacteria now).


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